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Here at 30minutestraders, our mission is simple. We meet every day, Monday to Friday via Zoom and trade together for 30mins as a group.

If you are trading with a personal account, the goal is to help you double that account every month and if your goal is to trade with Prop firms, our objective here it to help you get funded within 3 months of your membership with us.

This is not copying trade; you place your trades by yourself.

The bitter truth is Forex trading can be lonely and boring when you trade alone, but fun and profitable when you trade with a group of like minds.

Who Am I and Why You Should You Follow My Lead and Trade With 30MinutesTraders

My name is Emmanuel Adegbola, popularly known as “The Forex Apostle”. I won’t bore you with my grass to grace story here, you can Google my name or read my Blog or visit my YouTube Channel if you want to know more about me. This page is all about you.

But permit me to state here that I’ve been around for a while. I started trading Forex 2006, burned 6 Forex accounts within my first 6 months as a Forex trader before I got it right, and ever since then, I have enjoyed 7-Figures Forex lifestyle, discipled thousands online and life had been good until early 2022 when I lost it all.

Within a period of 6 months, I lost over $2 million to Forex Bulls and Bears. Don’t ask me how because even up till now, I still don’t know how. So, I was forced to start all over.  It wasn’t an easy trip at all, but thanks to the loss it made me a better person and trader today.

I had Investors funds that I had to refund, I have my family members that I have to take care of, I have the church of God that I had to lead as a Pastor. So, there was no room for depression. I had to gather my pieces and thank God for Prop firms. It wasn’t easy at first, also due to so many reasons which you could imagine.

I failed many Prop firm challenges, lost money to many online Actors claiming to pass challenge for me. Remember that I was desperate to have these funded accounts.

Then, I calmed down, I started focusing on my mental health, taking care of myself, I started resharpening my skills, doing a lot of back testing, developing new trading tools and within a period of 9 months, I was able to build four Artificial Intelligence (AI) now available online and two High Frequency Trading Software to help myself and my students pass some Prop Challenge.

I started trading with some selected group of my students who have now grown to be my friends, and that was how 30minutestraders was born.  We meet every morning for 30mins and trade together, everybody started winning and I extended this to my students, everybody started winning, doubling their accounts and many getting funded, I then started “Pass Forex Challenge” service to help people and now, here we are as 30minutestraders.

Who Am I and Why You Should You Follow My Lead and Trade With 30MinutesTraders

Confidence, consistent profitability, and capital funding within a year... a proven and repeatable process to results.

Learn from a 3x funded, multi-6-figure trader at the prop firms listed below:

What You Get When You Join 30MinutesTraders Today

Clear & Concise Trading Plan

Leave nothing up to interpretation when you learn our clear and concise trade entry & management criteria.

Core Concepts Course

Don't understand some of the concepts from the trading plan? Discover exactly how we interpret the markets using such concepts as structure, supply & demand, order flow, liquidity, and more.

Daily Live Trading Sessions

Join our LIVE trading sessions. Monday to Friday 9:15AM to 9:45AM Eastern Time) to get a glimpse behind the curtain of how a professional funded trader approaches their trading session in real time.

Personalized Coaching and Premium Trading Software

Complimentary 1-on-1 coaching session with me through The Forex Apostle Mentorship Program (Value: $4,997) when you sign up for lifetime membership.

Trade Recaps

Video recaps explaining in detail each trade that was taken & how it fits the plan.

Weekly Watchlist Webinar

Every Saturday, join us at The Forex Apostle Mentorship as we dissect the pairs we monitor from a higher-timeframe perspective to narrow our focus on the highest-probability moves.

Premium Trading Templates

Track your trades, build your case studies, back test your mistakes — all in one convenient integrated template built from the ground up for this community.

Private Telegram Group

Even after the 30mins joint trading sessions, receive trade alerts all day long, share your markups, get notified of new content, ask questions, interact with certified coaches, and engage with other Forex Disciples daily in our private Telegram Group.


Go through our streamlined process for asking questions and getting help from expert level traders designed specifically to help keep you accountable to your own learning.

MEGA Bonus When You Join as Lifetime Member Today

PropTradr EA

Proprietary Profitable Artificial Intelligence.
100% Automated Trading
FXBlue Verified
Profits on Autopilot
Easy to Set-Up
Free Active Product Updates
24/7 Support
Trusted By Over 7,500 Traders Worldwide

Value: $997

Yours: Free Today


Built to Manage Any Funded or Personal Account
Built to Pass any Prop Firm Challenge
Extreme low drawdown with huge ROI
24/7 Support
Next Level Trading Algorithm
Adaptive Take Profit Technology
Unique Trend Power Detection
Multiple Trading Styles

Value: $997

Yours: Free Today

Fx Snipper

Next Level Trading Algorithm.
User friendly Visual Interface.
Minimal Time investment
Reliable Signal 100% No Repaint
Highly Profitable Signal
Unique Trend Power Detection
Works great on MT4 Platform
Gives You Entry, Stop Loss, TP1, TP2 and TP3

Value: $997

Yours: Free Today

TraderMatic 3.0

My Simple Revolutionary Software Makes You Money on Complete Autopilot From Forex Market Effortlessly.100% Guaranteed!

No Previous Experience Needed
Your Level of Education is Irrelevant
Minimal Time investment
You can Make Money with this Software from Anywhere in the World
Anyone ready for big income can use this Software
Easy User Friendly

Value: $997

Yours: Free Today

The Forex Apostle Mentoring

Become Lifetime Disciple of The Forex Apostle Mentoring Program. Join the Community of People Acquiring Skills to Thrive in This New Challenging Economy...
Get All the Tools and Education You Need to Build Wealth and New Skills in Today's Global Economy
Learn from Our Self-Paced Online Courses Created by The Forex Apostle and Other Mentors
Mentorship Program for Direct Access to The Forex Apostle, On-going Training, and Resources.
Join a Supportive Community of Like-Minded People Globally Working Towards a Similar Goal

Value: $4,997

Yours: Free Today

I Promised Myself That This is Going to Be an Irresistible Offer for You.

If You Join 30MinutesTraders Today, I’m Going to Give You This Super Mega Bonus. In Fact, My Wife Told Me I was Insane When She Saw This.

1. Vault of Expert Advisors and Artificial Intelligence Worth Over $120,450

Some of the EAs in this Vault are.

Aura Black Edition ($995)
DMF AI EA ($30,000)
Winner FX EA ($4,997)
Forex Fury
Forex Flex EA
Night Hunter Pro
EA Sengkuni
Firestorm Prop Firm Scalper
And lot more. . . . .

2. Vault of over 120 Indicators worth Over $74,625

3. My Team and I will Pass Your 1st Prop Firm Challenge for You for FREE If You Sign Up with Any of Our Recommended Prop Firm

Few weeks ago, I asked one of my Virtual Assistants to go online (MQL5 website) and calculated the price of the EAs and Indicators included in this bonus , what he came back with was jaw dropping.

The Total Value of What You Get If You Join 30MinutesTraders Today is.


What Some of Our Community Members Are Saying.....

Getting Started is SIMPLE!

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Join our monthly or Lifetime subscription to gain instant access to the members area and Telegram & WhatsApp community.

Watch the Lessons!

Hone your skills by watching and applying the content via video trainings and live sessions in the member’s area and The Forex Apostle Mentorship member’s area

Follow & Trade Along!

Join our daily trading room and trade with us. Get support anytime via our private Telegram & WhatsApp community.

Monthly Plan

30MinutesTraders Monthly Membership $197/Month Billed Monthly


The Forex Apostle Core Concepts Educational Series
Clear and Concise, Repeatable, Proven Trading Plan
Weekly Market Forecast & Q and A Session
Recaps of Every Trade Taken During the Week
Daily Live NY Trading Session with The Forex Apostle
Wednesday Watchlist Update Webinar (NY session)
Access to Private Telegram and TFAM WhatsApp Group
Premium TraderMatic and FX Sniper Template
Weekly Q&A webinar
30MinutesTraders Roadmap to Prop Funding
Exclusive Monthly Members-only Giveaways
Everything You Need to Succeed If You Plug Yourself In!

Lifetime Plan

30MinutesTraders Lifetime Membership $1997
Billed One-Time

one time

BONUS Free One Hour 1-on-1 Coaching with The Forex Apostle
Everything the Monthly Subscription Has to Offer + Exclusive #LifeTimeGang Super and Mega Bonuses
Vault of Expert Advisors and Artificial Intelligence Worth Over $120,450
Vault of over 120 Indicators worth Over $74,625
Your 1st Prop Challenge Pass for You for FREE (From Our Recommended Prop Firm)
Lifetime Access to SniperBot
Lifetime Access to Prop Tradr EA
The Forex Apostle Core Concepts Educational Series
Clear and Concise, Repeatable, Proven Trading Plan
Weekly Market Forecast & Q and A Session
Recaps of Every Trade Taken During the Week
Daily Live NY Trading Session with The Forex Apostle
Wednesday Watchlist Update Webinar (NY session)
Access to Private Telegram and TFAM WhatsApp Group
Premium TraderMatic and FX Sniper Template
Weekly Q&A webinar
30MinutesTraders Roadmap to Prop Funding
Exclusive Monthly Members-only Giveaways
Everything You Need to Succeed If You Plug Yourself In!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my 30MinutesTraders membership include?

30MinutesTraders Premium Membership includes access to our Core Concepts series where we walk you through everything you need to know to understand our strategy, as well as several live Zoom calls per daily (as well as the replays), trade recaps, market outlooks, case studies, markups, and our premium trading software templates to learn and track all your progress. You also get access to our Telegram and WhatsApp community where you can ask questions and compare markups and your trades with other students and get feedback on your progression.

What lessons are covered in the membership?

Once you join us, you automatically become one of the Forex Disciples through The Forex Apostle Mentorship Program. We teach a simplified approach to getting into only the most highly probable pro-trend moves in the markets. We teach you everything you need to know to orient yourself and execute, including structure, trend, order flow, pricing, supply & demand, liquidity concepts, entry models, and targeting. We provide schematics, videos, case studies, trade recaps, Q&A sessions, and more. and above all, you trade with us every day.

Is the 30MinutesTraders membership right for me?

The 30MinutesTraders Premium Membership isn't for everyone. It's not for you if you are looking for a handout, don't want to put in the work, or can't build discipline and follow a trade plan. If you are willing to put in the work and stick to the plan, then this program is for you.

Do you provide a signal service?

We believe that traders can and should be self-sufficient. Our goal for you is not only to help you make money, but to know why we are or are not getting in or out of a trade. For this reason, we do NOT provide signals. You can, however, quickly learn from us the best areas to trade from as well as the lower timeframe concepts we use to get into trades from those areas, which are worth 1,000x more than signals. Having said that, for those that are Swing traders, sometimes we give you heads up about the direction of the market. Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach that man how to fish, you feed him for life. We are here to teach you how to fish.

Can I trade the 30MinutesTraders strategy while working a 9-5 job?

The beautiful thing about the forex market is that it opens 24/5. This means that no matter where in the world you live, if you work a 9-5 job there is still another session you can trade. The concepts we teach around very low timeframes can just as easily be applied on the higher timeframes. The market moves the same way. The strategy that we trade together is just one out of many strategies you will learn as a member.

Is this program available in my country?

30MinutesTraders is delivered entirely online. You can access it from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection – just like trading! Our funding partners also accept clients from around the world, so no need to worry if you don't have capital to trade at the start.

What currency is the 30MinutesTraders membership charged in?

All membership dues are paid in US Dollars and Cryptos

Still have questions?

Shoot us a message! We reply to emails within 24 hours typically. You can also email us at support@30MinutesTraders.com

Legal Disclaimer

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